Vegan Halloween Candy

-------- 2021 EDITION --------

Hi, I'm a vegan who loves Halloween. All of these candies have been personally vetted by me for high quality trick-or-treat-ability.

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And now, without further ah...

Ghost sneezing and saying Boo!

1. Zotz

ZotZ are not just a candy, ZotZ are an experience. These Italian made confections have a sweet outer shell that lulls you into thinking they are a nothing special, until you suddenly reach the the sour fizzy interior that feels like licking a 9 volt battery. As both trick and treat in one package, ZotZ are guaranteed to make you the coolest house on the block. You're welcome.

2. Twizzlers Cherry Pull N' Peel

These are better than regular twizzlers because they're assembled like a rope - you peel off strands like string cheese, making them fun and highly addictive. They also taste like delicious candy, as opposed to a flavored candle. So get a bunch if you want to have any left over for the kids.

3. Chimes Ginger Chews

Get with the times, people. Dad shoes are in and grandma candies are the next big thing. Even if you don't care for the gooey texture and subtle ginger kick, these are sure to be valuable on the post-Halloween candy trading market for their novelty factor alone.

4. Blow Pops

My neighborhood gets a lot of trick-or-treaters, and despite living here for several years I still have not learned to buy enough candy to keep from running out before the night is over. When that happens I stroll to the corner CVS and buy several bags of Blow Pops, one of the few vegan candies you can find at major retailers. They are not the most interesting candy on this list, but they are fun to chuck across the yard and you can make spiders out of them with pipe cleaners.

5. UNREAL Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Okay these things are a little more on the expensive side of this list but HOLY CRAP ARE THEY GOOD

6. Fake Cockroaches

This isn’t a candy but one of my favorite Halloween pranks on trick-or-treaters. Here’s what you do: hold out two closed fists, one holding candy, the other holding a fake cockroach. Tell them to pick a hand. Some kids will run away shrieking; others will be really excited to get a cockroach in their candy bag. That’s the beauty of Halloween!